Letter to Renewing Members

December 2018

Dear VIADC Members:

As we approach the end of the membership year, we ask for your continued active engagement by renewing your VIADC membership dues by January 31, 2019.  Your participation enables the organization to provide college scholarship awards to students from the US VI.  In addition to providing an avenue for scholarship awards, your membership provides you with an opportunity to build a dynamic network with other professional Virgin Islanders, increase your political capital to make a difference at home and give back to the Virgin Islands in numerous ways. 

The Chair of the Membership Committee is also requesting your assistance to grow our membership this year.  Invite a friend along and help us by recruiting one new member to the membership.  Growing the VIADC membership helps to accomplish our goals of supporting members of the Virgin Islands while away from home and providing an avenue to share and expand understanding of our culture throughout the mainland. 

Renewal dues will increase in 2019.  Annual membership dues are $50.00 per member and Student membership dues are $15.00 per student member. There is a $5.00 late fee for existing members for dues paid after January 31, 2019.  There is also a Lifetime membership option which allows you to never pay annual dues again.  Lifetime memberships are $500.00.  A Lifetime membership can be paid in full or may be paid in six monthly installments for six months until paid in full.  Full payment must be made by the end of six months to qualify for the Lifetime membership option. 

Enclosed with this letter is the membership application.  It can also be found at www.viadc.org.  Dues can be paid securely via the VIADC website at www.viadc.org, by clicking on the “Membership” tab or by mail to VIADC, 1629 K St, Ste.300, Washington, DC 20006.

Your participation and volunteerism make the difference.  Your VIADC membership is what empowers our organization to stay afloat.  Please help us to remain the “village” in which all Virgin Islanders abroad can share our rich culture and good works. 

Thank you for your continued support.


Beverly Matlock


Email:  dcmetrovia@gmail.com