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Upcoming VIA events: VIA Winter Ball Hilton Rockville MD January 16. While here, Please Donate to the Dominica Tropical Storm Erika Relief Fund. Let us continue to support our upcoming fundraisers for the Robert Finch Memorial Scholarship Fund. Help a Virgin Islands high school student pursue higher education!


Welcome to the Virgin Islands Association*


On behalf of the members of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Virgin Islands Association (VIA), I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Here, you will discover our mission statement, strategic goals, activities, programs, affiliate web sites, and much information about the Virgin Islands' experience.

VIA was founded in 1980, as a non-profit organization. At that time, our primary focus was to maintain a social presence in the DC area and to preserve a village of culture for Virgin Islanders away from home. Since then, the association has evolved into a vibrant community network which actively supports the enhancement of cultural diversity in the Virgin Islands. VIA is and continues to be a credit to many diversity programs by providing and maintaining a positive image of the organization in local communities and educational institutions. We are committed to that same purpose today, adapting to change in our efforts to meet the challenges of today's ever-changing world dynamics.

Our primary fundraising efforts are to assist young, college-bound Virgin Islanders with annual scholarships.  We continually request and encourage your assistance in helping us to make a difference with our fundraising events.

The association’s mission statement and bylaws emphasize a commitment to our community, academic excellence, and tradition. This is the Virgin Islands experience in which we request your participation and involvement.

We hope that you will discover more about us and will communicate with us so that we can share more of our story with you.


Diane Parrott 

President, VIA

VIA Membership Application

*Disclaimer.  VIA has established 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the District of Columbia.  We are prohibited from endorsing political candidates, attending meetings, fund-raising events, press conferences, or any other activity that could be construed as political in nature.